Three Years Old!

Two weeks ago my little sister, Elizabeth, turned three!

This picture was taken the night before her birthday as we watched the sun set on her 2nd year of life.  She is such a delight, and this picture is so beautiful to me:  Mama, Papa, and their  baby girl.

It seems like just yesterday she was born, and yet I can’t fathom that there was a time before she came.  It’s all kind of mysterious to me, that one persons life can make such an impact, woven into a family tapestry that is so beautiful and complex.

I am so thankful for her life, her spunk, her childish, yet mature wisdom, her memory, her sweet little voice, how she has enriched our lives and especially her budding love for our precious Savior.

The only thing that I love more than two-year old baby sisters? Three-year old baby sisters! And boy do I love this three-year old!


I love my mama


A mother is the truest friend we have when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

– Washington Irving, American author, biographer, and historian

Awkward Monday


Today I purchased a white orchid. Nothing complicated about that, right? And it wasn’t. It became complicated when I tried to walk it the 11 streets home. Talk about awkward! The breeze that was so lovely on the way there became such a disadvantage on the way home. Trying to balance a tall orchid with 5 large flowers, holding my wallet and cell phone under my arm and walking sideways, and momentarily backwards to avoid the loss of any flowers was quite challenging. I finally made it to our little church, which is about a third of the way home, hoping to find a box or something to put it in, alas, no box. After searching around the church, I came across some grungy paint-splattered orange 5-gallon Home Depot buckets. Aha! I had an idea! I placed the plant in one bucket and slipped another upside down on top of it. After repositioning my wallet and cell phone and picking up my contraption I set out for home. You should have seen the stares that I got! Cars slowed down, high-schoolers on the way home from school gaped, and one older gent said, “Wow! you’re looking pale (pail)! {ha ha} get it? It’s a joke” ha ha ha. All that I could do was put a ridiculous smile on my face and laugh right along with him. Let me tell you, it was worth every look! The orchid arrived home safely {mom loves it} and I didn’t go crazy in the process! Although next time, I’m going to buy a bouquet of flowers, or a potted succulent.


I scream
You scream
We all scream for ice cream…
Especially home made ice cream.
Made with organic cream, milk, sugar
and whatever else you might want to throw in.
Maybe not whatever, but you’re all smart, you know what I mean:)
It usually looks like this…
And it is always made by her…
my sister, Em.
She’s amazing… quite the artist…our own personal Ruby Jewel Scoops
“it’s a Portland thing”
{Kels, eat a scoop for me, miss you already}
 This is how I feel when I eat, fresh, home-made
ice cream
Only, I have a 16 year advantage in age
apparently I’ve learned how to not get it all over my face
or maybe that’s why I get my ice cream in a cup, not cone.
Em, I hope when you read this post,
you’ll get the hint…
I hope that I don’t have to resort to singing and whacking my spoon on the table to get your
“Here we all sit like birds in the wilderness
birds in the wilderness
birds in the wilderness
Here we all sit like birds in the wilderness
waiting for our ice cream
waiting for our ice cream
waiting for our ice cream
Here we all sit like birds in the wilderness
waiting for our ice cream”
Thanks Gramma Janie, for the 1950’s camp song
it conveys the message perfectly!
Love ya Em!

summer nights…

spent out of doors…
under lights and paper lanterns…

daddy reading to us…
Ballentyne’s Gorilla Hunters, nonetheless…
catching up with Ralph, Jack and Peterkin…
Please, do yourself a favor…
read The Coral Islands and then The Gorilla Hunters…
godly, manly adventure stories…and I like them! They have to be good:).
{this is coming from the girl who can’t sit through Disney’s Treasure Island}

drinking tea…
{lemon chiffon or herbal wedding chai…
I can’t remember…}
with plenty of half and half… of course…
 pure bliss
I can’t think of many other ways that I would rather spend a summer night…
Hmm…perhaps we’ll have to have another evening like this tonight…
before summer is officially gone…
By the way, doesn’t Em take the loveliest photos…yes, all three are hers

summer breezes//random and important thoughts

Days seem to fly by in an unending stream of busyness and blessedness
Quiet meditations//broken by a house full of dear folks
Remembering what is important
And WHO should be the focus of my life
“Ending” my required education
Joyful celebrations with family and friends
Wonderful parents who gave and give their lives for us
Reading about babies and mothers
studying for the next Big step:
Postpartum doula-ing
Knowing in all things
We are more than conquers through Him who loves us
And that day to day, hour upon hour
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms is all that I can do and should do
 Falling down and wallowing in sinful self pity
And the hands that help me up//convict me//forgive me
Life and living is hard to define
Practically impossible to
So beauti-full of
Family//stirring conversations//laughter//sermons that awaken my soul//
books that pull me out of mediocrity//parents that ground me//siblings that teach me love//
Christ Who loves me and humbles me// not focusing on myself, but trying to love others//
walks with siblings// singing harmony with sisters and brother//plunking out notes on the piano//
a brother’s birthday and watching him grow into a young man who seeks the Father and thinks deeply//
thinking about freedom and about a country that still allows me quite a lot of it//praying for said country that God would humble us and bring us back, full of contrition and repentance and obedience// blogging//and not blogging//slow days// and very busy days//learning purpose// learning discipline even now as I prepare to close the laptop and focus on the here and now// obedience//summer breezes//lemonade//fireworks//green grass//a chattering toddler now pulling me away, its time to read and play puppets//

Testing, testing…Is This Thing On?

Hello Any and All Who Just Might Stumble onto My Little Corner of WordPress,

After much thought, I’ve decided to re-birth my blog onto WordPress, mainly as an experiment, as I learn more about the workings of a blog, beyond “type thought, edit, hit ‘publish'”.

Therefore I imagine this blog will be very boring for a while.

Anyways, I can’t wait to see where this wordpress journey will take me, what I’ll learn, who I’ll meet, etc.

Soli Deo Gloria,