Happy Birthday Cassandra!

Happy Birthday to my very dear, very beautiful friend Cassandra!

I am so blessed to know her, she is one of those once in a lifetime friends. She is always there with a word of encouragement,  solid Biblical counsel and is more than ready to laugh at an inside joke, ridiculous story, or  share a movie quote.

2012 October to November 14 1744

  I’ve known Cassie, or Ernestine, (que inside joke) since she was born…we met in the doctor’s office when I was two; she was there for an infant check-up, and I was there with a purple crayon up my nose.  Ahem.

We’ve had a redoubtable friendship since.


She’s the best kind of friend because, not only is she my closest friend, but she is also my sisters closest friend. We’re know as the “three-some trio” Oh, what times we’ve had together. We’ve shared the good: family camps in Colorado, long autumn walks, early morning coffee, deep and refreshing talks bout God…  the bad: the Nemo ride at Disneyland:) … and the absurd: that plum pudding and the summer that included copious amounts of kettle corn.

March 2012 rhodens and landscaping 142

She’s the kind of friend who will let you cry on her shoulder, and then isn’t afraid to cry on yours. As she would say, “no masks allowed here”.

She also does zany things like diagram sentences for fun, decide that it is not only possible, but doable to graduate from college in under two years (yeah, she’s diligent) and bury herself in our couch cushions… our couch does have a tendency to swallow people and things.


I am so grateful for her friendship.

Happy, Happy 18th Birthday Cass! May our gracious Heavenly Father continue to guide you in the ways of peace, goodness, and mercy as you embark on a new year, full of exciting adventures, challenges, blessings, and even greater measures of grace.



One thought on “Happy Birthday Cassandra!

  1. Hannah, I am so very thankful for your friendship. Knowing you and Emily is one of the most incredible blessings in my life and I love you both (and your entire family) so very much.

    Thank you for everything. (hug)

    Love Always.

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