summer breezes//random and important thoughts

Days seem to fly by in an unending stream of busyness and blessedness
Quiet meditations//broken by a house full of dear folks
Remembering what is important
And WHO should be the focus of my life
“Ending” my required education
Joyful celebrations with family and friends
Wonderful parents who gave and give their lives for us
Reading about babies and mothers
studying for the next Big step:
Postpartum doula-ing
Knowing in all things
We are more than conquers through Him who loves us
And that day to day, hour upon hour
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms is all that I can do and should do
 Falling down and wallowing in sinful self pity
And the hands that help me up//convict me//forgive me
Life and living is hard to define
Practically impossible to
So beauti-full of
Family//stirring conversations//laughter//sermons that awaken my soul//
books that pull me out of mediocrity//parents that ground me//siblings that teach me love//
Christ Who loves me and humbles me// not focusing on myself, but trying to love others//
walks with siblings// singing harmony with sisters and brother//plunking out notes on the piano//
a brother’s birthday and watching him grow into a young man who seeks the Father and thinks deeply//
thinking about freedom and about a country that still allows me quite a lot of it//praying for said country that God would humble us and bring us back, full of contrition and repentance and obedience// blogging//and not blogging//slow days// and very busy days//learning purpose// learning discipline even now as I prepare to close the laptop and focus on the here and now// obedience//summer breezes//lemonade//fireworks//green grass//a chattering toddler now pulling me away, its time to read and play puppets//